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Federal Revenue of Brazil No. 1.356/2013 ( "IN 1356")
Publisher:  Ricardo  time: 2013/5/31  clicked: 4341 times

Please be informed that Normative Instruction from Federal Revenue of  Brazil No. 1.356/2013 ( "IN 1356")  that came in force on May 6th, 2013, has promoted substantial changes in the procedures related to the Customs  clearance and delivery of goods, exempting the Importer/Consignee of presenting the Original B/L  "OBL"  for releasing of cargo.

As a consequence of this new scenario, from now on cargoes to Brazil can be released without the presentation of OBL. This means that an Importer will be able to remove the cargo from the bonded warehouse even if the OBL is in the shipper´s

Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, the Merchant agrees that if this Bill of Lading provides for delivery of the Goods at a port in Brazil, discharge of the Goods to any port authority at such port shall constitute due delivery hereunder and all liability of the Carrier whatsoever in connection with the Goods (including without limitation for misdelivery) shall cease at that time. Carrier shall not be responsible for delivery of cargo without the presentation of the Original Bill of Lading, as Brazilian Customs Regulations"

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